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Do you want to learn how to play the guitar? Contact New Foundry Studios. We provide specialised guitar lessons for students in and around Knottingley and West Yorkshire.

Professional guitar instructor

Simon Wilby

Singer/songwriter SIMON WILBY is something of a mystery man. Based in Knottingley, West Yorkshire, he’s been creating music since his youth. However, it is only in the last 12 months that he’s starting working with a studio, recording his material and promoting it to the outside world. Despite this previous secrecy, what has now become clear is that he has an undeniable ability to write quality pieces of work, rich in personal reflection and displaying a stoic inner strength. His most notable influences include Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Eric Clapton, the Eagles and the Kinks. Simon teaches guitar from beginner level to intermediate. His teaching style is friendly, full of feeling yet technical. Sessions are half and hour or an hour. To book a lesson feel free to use the contact us form below.

Guitar lessons for beginners and advanced level students

Whether you are just starting out, want to develop your existing skills or want to pick up a guitar for the first time, I am here to help. Our lessons take place in your own home making for a more comfortable learning environment. I’m not going to write down a long daunting list of all the things you’re going to learn in our lessons. Instead I’m going write this.

Learning the guitar should be fun and not feel like a chore so that’s why I believe my students should have a big part in deciding what they want to learn. If a student is excited and happy about what it is they are learning then they will learn a lot faster. As you progress, you will come across new techniques and theories you want to learn but these can be hard to master on your own. I’m here to make the experience easier and a lot more fun.

What Will We Learn?

What’s your favourite song? Let's learn it!

Learning to play the guitar opens up a lot more creative opportunities for those students that wish to do more with their new found skill. Whether that be learning and playing around with amplifiers and guitar pedals or learning to write and record your own music. These are the exciting things we can learn about in our lessons alongside learning the guitar. I can provide amplifiers, guitar pedals and the recording equipment to record your own demos!

Learning the guitar was one of the most exciting things I’ve done in my life but the opportunities that arise once you have that basic understanding can be even more exciting, enabling you to become a lot more creative.
All I can say is if you want a singing teacher then Georgina is that person. She is not only friendly, helpful and has a fantastic personality, but she will give you confidence. Lucy has only been seeing Georgina for a short time and her singing and confidence have improved so much. She has done so much for Lucy in so little time that we can't thank her enough.  - Kim Whitmore, Hoyland
At New Foundry Studios, we provide guitar lessons for students of all levels in and around Knottingley. For more details, call us on
07739 370 322

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