Room Hire

Room Hire for Bands, and Dance Classes

Comfortable reception area, including refreshments and music shop

Room Hire

New Foundry Studios has 5 fully equipped rooms:

Studio 1: 
This space is in the centre of TNFS and is used for recording, filming, mixing/producing and singing tuition. It has a highly soundproofed recording booth.

Studio 2: 
Is the largest space at TNFS and is fully soundproofed for band rehearsals. It has a dance floor and mirrors including a p.a. system. It is used for dance, band rehearsals and general tuition. This room also has a permanent green screen set up for filming. Amps, microphones, monitors, and drum kits are available to use.

Studio 3: 
 Is a smaller space at New Foundry Studios, and is ideal for 1-2-1 teaching, meetings, or to hire as an office.

Studio 4: 
Is the smallest room at TNFS used for recording, as it is soundproofed and 1-2-1 tuition. 

Studio 5: 
 Has mirrors and a p.a. and is used for dance and general tuition and rehearsals.

Reception & Music Shop: 
TNFS now has a comfortable reception space used for chilling out and also has a shop for drinks and snacks and now sells instruments - guitars, ukulele's and more.

Rest rooms:
TNFS has two bathrooms.
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Terms & Conditions

Room Hire

To avoid the full cancellation fee of the cost of the studio, the client must give at least 24 hours notice for rehearsal bookings. The fees shall not be reduced on account of the client’s failure to use the studio for any or all of the period of the booking and/or the client’s cancellation of the booking or any part thereof after the cancellation period.

 By making a booking the client hereby acknowledges that the Client or their representatives shall be responsible for ensuring the suitability of the studio for the client’s purpose, that the client’s equipment shall be compatible with the studio to a good working order and any problem or damage caused by use of clients own equipment will be the entire fault of the Client and subject to any charges. It is a condition of accepting any studio booking that the person making the booking will be held liable for payment of any invoice relating to the booking whether or not they nominate a third party to be invoiced.

In the event of studio breakdown or equipment failure The Premises will aim to either replace equipment to which the client was entitled by the terms hereof and which have been lost as a result of such equipment failure or credit or refund to the client the booking fee in respect of the booking and shall have no liability or obligation to the client beyond these remedies.

The client will be liable for any damages or any theft that occurred or that can be attributed to the client before, during or after the period of your session. At no time will TNFS company’s staff or Directors be held responsible for the theft, loss or damage of any of the Clients equipment and personal belongings during or after the hire period.

The client is asked to stick to the booked times, meaning arrival at the time booked and rehearsal completed and equipment put away by the end booked time.

It is a condition of entry to the Recording Studios, Rehearsal Studios and Reception that the above terms are to be adhered to prior, during and after the duration of the Client’s session. In case of any conflict of terms, the terms contained within this TERMS OF BUSINESS shall prevail over all others.
Terms of this policy are specifically accepted by the Client unless they are waived by TNFS Such waiver shall be effective only with the prior written consent of TNFS
The experienced music teachers at New Foundry Studios can help you grow as a musician. To book our music lessons, call us on
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